Women s sex drive drops after dating


Even the ancient Greeks and Romans wrote and expressed dismay about it.In addition, little or no research has been done on this problem, thus far. Friedman point out that little is known about what happens in the brain after sex.Despite the fact that the two cases sited above,(fictional but representational), involved women, there were several cases in which men complained about the depression they experienced after orgasm. Friedman, MD, Psychiatrist, wrote an interesting article for the science section of the Tuesday, January 20, 2009 edition of The New York Times.How could these people feel so bad after feeling so good? In the article he discusses a phenomenon in which many males and females feel dysphoria or a general sense of dissatisfaction or unhappiness with life.So to all of the readers in my core demographic: 35-55, have no fear. I found it interesting that you are not a red pill supporter which is refreshing to a degree.


What are your thoughts on the increasing red pill trend?

But simply by observing the behaviors and desires of men and women. The premise of her post was to establish which gender, if any, had greater sexual market value – which is to say, more enduring appeal to the opposite sex over time.



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