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Only one problem, I do not know how to get the "new" button to start a new thread. it's easier to do it than explain it Russ Just acquired a Model 36, given to me by brother in law, along with some other firearms. The serial number is J3195XX😉 Any help will be appreciated Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk I'm having a difficult time dating a model 36. It just used to pop up when I signed on, but lately I have not seen one. Dick When on any of the forum category pages such as "S&W Revolvers 1961 to 1980" you'll see at the top and the bottom of the page a large orange button that says "New Thread". Trying to figure out a rough estimate of manufacture. Numbers only no letters: 606747, bottom of grips, behind cylinder- 1588 and looks like a K. Later I did some instinct combat shooting and it was all in the kill zone but I had shot a bunch of .40 from my G27 over the M36 shots in torso and head. Some other sellers were wanting 0 and theirs were less figured than the ones I won, so I am excited as when I first shot this gun. On the grips they are highly figured and not those cheap ajax style stags with 90% white material and 10% brown.Pretty surprising how accurate a short barrel can be. Additional : I was so happy I snapped up a pair of stag grips to make it look complete for display purposes and occasional carry. I'll need to get my grip guy to put in the medallions for 10 bucks but, On grip colors these are more brown/walnut all the way up and down. Will try and get a better camera to use since my phone cam is substituting now since my pitbull bit through my battery charger. My camera in my phone is not very good at all May be able to help some other inquiries.



You won't see those buttons once you're in a particular thread such as "Dating the Model 36 chiefs special" . I put the butt end of grip higher up in palm swell and there ya go.



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    We recommend that all our users opt for the Flash-version of the chat (currently in use). To become a premium (GOLD) member for life and unlock this feature, all you have to do is buy any amount of tokens one time!

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    I would have called to discuss this but i am presently at Sea serving in the Navy and there's a restriction on phone calls here.

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    Just need my old model 19 to round out the snubbie set. Mine was a 1982 model 19 and that is one of my guns I wish I had back.

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    Um die volle Funktionalität der Seite zu nutzen, müssen Sie die Darstellung von Flash-Inhalten in Ihrem Browser erlauben.

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    [Worried about how Pen Pal World and other sites keep users safe while participating?

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