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They tackle issues from navigating online dating to dealing with politicians who are constantly spouting anti-women rhetoric.So use this list as a jumping off point for discovering new shows to see and comedy albums to listen to.I stuck to what I knew: the trials and tribulations of being a single girl in her 30s.And being a freelance journalist gave me a bit of an edge in the writing, though no guarantee I'd be funny.


If I hadn't been on my dating journey all those years then I wouldn't have been the comic I was in that moment.But now nine months later I've found the perfect channel for my single woes.


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    “If you think about it logically, you say things you wouldn’t normally say, so it's harder.

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    Hey everyone, just got here to taste the waters, but after a while I found out that it's quite ok here, so I sent a couple of messages, chatted a bit, one thing led to another and I met Julia. I mean all this online dating, but despite everything I gave it a try.

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