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Many of the transition metals can lose two or three electrons, forming cations with charges of 2 or 3 , but there are some which form 1 charges, and some which form much higher charges.

The radioactive isotope yttrium-90, is used in the treatment of some cancers.

Lanthanum is used to make electrodes for high-intensity carbon arc lights, which are used for searchlights and projectors in movie theaters.

Lanthanum salts are used to remove excess phosphate from patients who suffer from chronic kidney dysfunction.

The period 6 transition metals are lanthanum (La), hafnium (Hf), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W), rhenium (Re), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), platinum (Pt), gold (Au), and mercury (Hg).


The period 7 transition metals are the naturally-occurring actinium (Ac), and the artificially produced elements rutherfordium (Rf), dubnium (Db), seaborgium (Sg), bohrium (Bh), hassium (Hs), meitnerium (Mt), darmstadtium (Ds), roentgenium (Rg), and the as-yet unnamed ununbiium (Uub).Lanthanum (La, Z=57) Lanthanum is a soft, silvery-white, malleable, ductile, relatively reactive metal.


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