Microsoft updating beta tester


They don't want to get products in near-final form; they are willing to get them when they are still raw and far from finished.Office execs respond by saying the way the testing process is designed is to allow increasingly larger pools of people to test beta products.Become an Office Insider now for: If you are an Office 365 subscriber, you get early access to builds containing the exclusive monthly upgrades and new features that are included with your subscription.Bug fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements are also included.They say that there are much smaller, select groups who get the code for things like Office and Windows earlier, and that Microsoft increasingly grows this pool as the products move toward their release-to-manufacturing (RTM) date. Tech previews, betas, Release Candidates (RCs): That nomenclature used to stand for something that is different from how those terms are being used now by some teams.



Microsoft suggests you do not violate the NDA, which you will have to sign in order to participate in the beta, or else you will be removed from the beta and all Xbox betas moving forward.Hough reiterated during the event the philosophy which has ruled Office -- and the post-Vista Windows world -- regarding betas.


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