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Having a wide circle of friends can be a great boon.

You find it easy to bring cheer to others, you’re a ray of sunshine, even more so than usual.

With Venus in your sign, charm, tact and persuasion are key to getting who and what you want so make sure to dress to impress if you’re out of the house.

The entrance of the Sun into Cancer, your Sun sign, from 21 June heralds the start of your new yearly cycle.

Use your positivity to be as helpful and accommodating to people who are less fortunate than you.

With Venus, planet of beauty, pleasure, merrymaking and self-indulgence in Cancer, your Sun sign, until Venus enters Leo around 14 June, you’re likely to be even more charming, attractive and artistically inclined than usual and you’ll want to indulge and express yourself.- Lovescope- Monthly Horoscope- Holiday Horoscope- Daily Horoscope- Year Ahead - Ups and Downs of the Zodiac- Dog Starsigns- Eating Habits for your Sign- Zodiac Friends- Zodiac Love Signs- Zodiac Bathrooms If a job vacancy that's in keeping with your skill set catches your eye, fill out the application now.



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