Ed westwick still dating jessica szohr

Westwick got on his phone and executed and emotional break up with Szohr who immediately hopped on a plane to London with nothing but the clothes on her back to win him over and be his girl again!But it looks as if Ed has moved on to bigger and married things.But I also think it’s a touchy, crazy thing too, because some people are going into these different situations and they’re not coming out true.So it’s like, well, why are people making it up, because that takes away from the girls that are going through it.Ed Westwick is a sweet guy who thought that his girlfriend Jessica Szohr might be the girl that got to take his name.At a black tie event, Jessica confessed that she and Ed were into each other while they were still with other people.Cosmo asks her about Ed Westwick – Ed and Jessica were close friends during GG, and they’ve apparently remained friends since then.


But unfortunately for those in the acting world, the show really, actually must go on, even when it entails making out with your ex on camera.

But I know him well and I’ve known him for years, and I found it shocking. And can you share anything about that conversation? He’s being accused of something that he’s publicly saying he didn’t do. And I have to be so careful, because it’s not my situation and I don’t — I wasn’t there.

And I hope that it’s untrue, but I also feel bad for anyone that’s been in that situation, for the women that have to deal with that, for the situations that are true. So it’s hard to speak on behalf of those girls or him. And I — I don’t know those girls at all, and they could be lovely and awesome and all that.

I mean this woman does look like Jessica's drugged out way older twin sister.


Either way, maybe writers of Gossip Girl should take notice, this is more interesting than any storyline they have tried to entertain us with.Last night Ed was spotted out with a new gal pal, one that is said to be the wife of a friend.



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