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We own 2 churches (1 unused), camp, and a school (unused) 6.


But one thing I happened to notice it looking on the internet I was looking up the thing about false preachers and all that and guess what I saw a website that was called Jesus - is - savior and on this website it had different preachers who they claimed or false. These sites are KJV only and boy do they make any of the translation seem like it's from the Devil.

And most of these comments come from Africa were a lot of them have been brainwashed into thinking that the ifb way is the only way. They called him as if he had written the Bible that bugs me to death.


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    But that day I was just in my wheelchair wearing a little skirt just above my knees.

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    One bad thing about them is that the rooms are so busy with a lot of free loaders, it is because every tube has a popup with Live Jasmin model showing up, this makes most of the hot girl rooms full of people and I would recommend to sign-up and go to ‘members only’ rooms, this makes the chat more quality and not so boring like all the rooms with thousands of free loaders shouting do this, do that, I think you got the point.

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